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Our Mission & Vision


Our school vision is to provide an encouraging environment for a future-oriented, holistic education, anchored in a rigorous academic programme, for all children. We nurture students to be self-governing life-long learners imbue with sound ethical values who are respectful and trustworthy, and who rise to the challenges of life creatively and enthusiastically in an ever-changing world.

  • To build high standards of learning experiences for all children by providing access to all areas 
  • To build a lively and motivating learning environment that is stimulating today, as well as a preparation for the future
  • To build a caring, secure environment so that all in school feel a sense of values
  • To develop a caring attitude for the environment
  • To build a partnership with parents
  • To develop a positive place for the school within the society .


  • Stability and sequence
  • Stability
  • Gratitude to the individual
  • Variety of experiences, skills, attitudes, concepts and knowledge to fully develop each child’s potential
  • To build up an awareness of self and self-confidence
  • To build up sensitivity to others
  • To build up self-discipline
  • To build up self-esteem
  • To build up acceptable behaviour
  • To build up cooperation
  • To build up an enquiring mind
  • To be able to construct reasoned judgments and choices
  • To build up independent thought
  • To build up perseverance
  • To be able to identify problems, examine and find solutions
  • To be able to plan independent effort and organise their own time
  • To encourage creative thinking
  • To learn how to attain information from various sources and record this in a variety of ways
  • To be able to communicate ideas and information in a variety of ways for different occasions and purpose
  • To provide differentiated learning to meet individual needs
  • To provide equal opportunity for all
  • To extend individual talents and interests
  • To build up children as autonomous learners
  • To enjoy the same experiences regardless of sex, race religion or colour
  • To be sensitive to the needs of others
  • To build up a set of beliefs and values
  • To build up confidence to construct and hold ethical judgments.
  • To build up respect for religious and moral values of other religions, races and ways of life
  • To build up a questioning attitude towards the environment
  • To build up respect and care for themselves, their environment and the wider environment of the world
  • To understand the growth and generate understanding of society, including local and national heritage
  • To build up an understanding and appreciation of the world in which we live
  • To be aware of other times and other places
  • To build up the skills to use music, drama, physical exercise. and art as a means of expression
  • To build up the ability to express feelings through the creative and expressive studies
  • To understand the importance of health, hygiene and safety
  • To involve children in regular exercise
  • To involve parents in their child’s learning
  • To build up a partnership between home and school
  • To build up a partnership between school and the community
  • To involve parents in school life
  • To build up links with other agencies
  • To build up links with other schools and education groups
  • To provide a variety of differentiated experiences to support the above
  • To provide a balance of core and contributory subjects